iCloud what is it for and how does this Apple platform work?

iCloud what, And the best thing, you could access it from practically any Apple device linked to your account. Including your iPhone, your Mac, your iPad or your iPod Touch. You can imagine that, at the time they launched it on the market. Where mobile storage did not provide as much as it does today. The inclusion of it and its cloud storage came in handy for mobile users. Apple, who said goodbye to space limitations. What exactly is iCloud for? It is a fairly complete service that offers you multiple possibilities with all your Apple devices. Cloud storage Its best-known use is undoubtedly to be able to have a virtual hard drive. In which to store all your files. As I have already mentioned before. It is the reason why most users and also those who are not users, know about this system.

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iCloud what, Save backups As with the possibility of saving backup copies on WhatsApp. This system also allows you to save everything that, by mistake. You may email database delete from your local devices. Find your lost or stolen iPhone In case of loss or theft by other people’s friends. You will not have problems with having lost your digital belongings. Since you can activate its functionality to find said device. This way, it will geolocate it and you can go right to the place where it tells you it is. Access to a multitude of organization/planning software You will also be able to synchronize files. Or access an interactive online calendar, among other options. This Apple tool even gives you direct access to iCloud Mail. Apple’s exclusive email. What services and functionalities does iCloud have.

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1) iCloud Mail Let’s start with its exclusive email. Similar to what happens when creating a Google Gmail account , Apple has its own email, iCloud Mail. Which I already told you about in previous blog articles. With this service you can receive and store in the cloud. All the emails you receive Phone Number IT in your account on this digital platform. In addition, it also serves as a user to log in to the platform. iCloud Drive It is Apple’s cloud storage system par excellence. With which you can save your favorite files, photos, videos and more. You can then sync all your devices to access this feature from any of them. Notes Notes is the typical function that allows you to write down. Ideas or important information so as not to lose them. These notes will be stored in your accounts

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