How to Easily Find a Niche for Affiliate Marketing

To find a good niche, you first have to know what you’re looking for. Ideally, a good affiliate niche has these: Your own interest* High-paying affiliates Low competition Enough interest to make it profitable SIDENOTE. *Regardless of how “good” a niche is, you can make almost anything work if you have enough passion and interest in it. There are ways (like creating courses or ebooks) to make more money out of a niche even if it doesn’t have great affiliates. How to Easily And with enough dedication, you can rank for even the highest-competition keywords.

How much a high-paying

Affiliate pays depends on your goals. Personally, I look for affiliates that pay at least $20-$50 per sale or more. But if you’re just looking for a little side income, a smaller executive email list payout may be fine for your goals. Additionally, I’ll accept a lower payment if the niche has low-competition keywords—meaning if the websites currently ranking in that niche are smaller affiliate sites without huge marketing budgets and a ton of already established backlinks. Finally, a good affiliate niche has enough interest that it can be profitable. I determine interest by looking at how many people search for the main keywords in the niche per month. You can research all three of these things using Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer.

How to Easily rather than

Explain how to do that, I’m going to show you how to do this research almost passively—while you’re performing Google searches (which is something you’re likely doing anyway). Your goal Phone Number IT is to make it a habit of looking at this data any time you perform a Google search. Searching for how to fix your washing machine? Look at the data. Searching for the closest Starbucks? Look at the data. Searching for the best hand soap with no added fragrances? You guessed it—look at the data. But what are you looking for, you ask.

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