How do I grow my business Growth

Do you find new customer segments, how do you guide the development of your business based on data ? Once you have identified the growth potential, next explore the avenues to reach new euros – either from a new customer field or from the pockets of existing customers, as a bigger slice of their purchasing power. This makes it easier to determine the optimal channels and platforms – there are plenty of options for the Reach phase of the new audience, while additional and cross-selling in the Engage phase works most effectively on e.g.

Facebook with the help of remarketing

Of course, it is not realistic to think that a single channel, application or content format would solve all business problems, because then everyone would Bulgaria Phone Number List already be using it. Instead, you should start building the best toolkit on top of the identified elements mentioned above, also taking into account, for example, the available budget, because different channels are not only different in nature, but also different in cost.

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Choose the right social media channels for your business segments

Some channels can be divid into stages and rough business segments of the MRACE® model, depending on where they are at their best and most affordable. Due to the nature of social media, the boundaries are blur, and it cannot be categorically state for any channel that it could not be utilize at all, but for example with targeting options, some channels are stronger in a certain segment and phase than others.

The culture of continuous testing also brings its own spice to the channel palette – after all, no one can say for sure that a certain product or service Phone Number IT should not be advertised on e.g. TikTok before it has been tested, and even then the time, advertising angle or targeting may be wrong, and done in another moment or on another tip the test may turn out to be profitable.

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