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Hello! My name is Fede Caruso and for Grow Your years I have been lucky enough to make a living from my niche websites and other projects within the world of SEO, with which I generate several thousand dollars a month. My life as an entrepreneur can be summarized in this image: I launched my first website, it was a success and I thought I knew it all. With my next projects I failed miserably and realized that I didn’t know anything. Now I continue learning every day while I make a living from my websites and the sale of digital products, among other projects. Come with me as.

When I was 16 years old Grow Your learned HTML and CSS 

I tell you my story: how I started, what I learned, I reveal my industry email list numbers and give you some tips that could help you get more visits and more income for your niches. Go for it! 2006 – 2008: Beginner’s luck and 400 thousand monthly visits When I was 16 years old I learned HTML and CSS in communities like and others that no longer exist today. The idea of ​​publishing something online so that others could enjoy my creation really caught my attention . Thus, in 2006/2007 my first website was born. It was a porn website.

Keywords and in less than six months he was receiving

Well, it wasn’t porn. It was erotic… Women could send their Phone Number IT photos in their underwear, I would select the best ones and publish them. Hard work, huh? The website was a success from day one. He inadvertently ranked for important keywords and in less than six months he was receiving over 400,000 monthly visits . I say unintentionally because at that time I had no idea about SEO. The only thing I did was exchange links with other similar pages , and I was lucky that it worked.

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