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Although I did it to get users from Get Noticed those other pages to visit mine and not as an SEO strategy, it turns out that it was an SEO strategy. At that time it was much easier to position in Google than now: 78,929 follow links and you were first. Although I was not making much money because due to the content I could not monetize with Google AdSense , receiving that amount of monthly visits was abitchDamn madness… I had to close the website a few months later because my mother found out and almost kicked me out of the house , but it was a nice adventure.

After having built a Get Noticed website that received almost half

That’s how mothers are… And so my first category email list stage as an entrepreneur came to a close… I didn’t make a lot of money, but I had fun and I understood that I had found my passion: creating online projects. 2009 – 2017: One failure after another After having built a website that received almost half a million monthly visits, I assumed that my path as an entrepreneur would go downhill. In a short time I would be a millionaire… Women… Lamborghinis… Yes, without a doubt, that was waiting for me in a few months… But not. After finishing high school.

Program because I had taken some courses

I took a gap year until my mom, who I Phone Number IT guess was still a little pissed off, told me: You either study or work. Not lazy. I didn’t want to study a career. Working didn’t attract much of my attention either, but I knew how to program because I had taken some courses . So in 2010 I joined a company as a full-time junior programmer, while in my free time I continued creating my own online projects. Which were one failure after another… I developed a clone of the previous project and it failed I created a news website and it failed I published a viral website and it failed I launched some kind of social network and, guess what.

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