Defining target groups and creating buyer personas

Which target groups should you win over to your side and how should it be done? What do you need to tell your customers to make them want to buy? How do you get more leads?

Buyer personas are the single most significant element of a marketing strategy, because a deep understanding of customers is a prerequisite for achieving marketing goals.

Buyer personas tell you what your company needs to do and say in marketing in order to win over a certain target group as customers of your company. The more customers you want as your customers, the better your business will be. In addition, good customers bring more good customers. With the help of buyer personas, the angle of your marketing changes from a product-focused sales pitch to a service that helps the customer, as you will see from the levels of product awareness you will go through.

In the podcast below, you will get an insight into South Africa Phone Number List why your company must have buyer personas so that your marketing can be long-term and effective. How do you create truly valuable buyer personas? And what things should you consider when you want to improve your company’s customer experience?

Buyer personas DO NOT TELL, for example

  • what kind of car each buyer persona drives
  • what does he do in his spare time
  • what matters is he interested in at a higher level (e.g. “Finance”)

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Over the years, I’ve come across so many types of buyer persona documents that I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve lost faith in the creation of buyer personas. I have seen e.g. buyer persona, who was named “CEO”. It had been told about him which party he supports, what car he drives, what kind of family he has and that he is interested in the company’s finances and that he is looking for the most reliable partner. This kind of information doesn’t help anyone do better marketing. In the buyer persona, one must immerse oneself in the motives of buying.

Buyer personas TELL, for example

  • what factor triggers each customer’s desire to buy
  • what purchase criteria does the customer have regarding the product or service
  • what goals the customer has at work or in his free time
  • what things prevent him from Phone Number IT accessing them
  • what things would make it easier to access them
  • how your company can help him
  • what barriers to purchase need to be overcome
  • at what level of product awareness is the buyer persona

I will open the last point about product awareness in a little more detail. Your target group is divided into five different levels of product awareness. The levels reflect how well the customer recognizes his needs and how well he knows the differences between different products and services. That, in turn, determines the angle at which you should market to them.

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