Conversion API Facebook and iOS14

Conversion api facebook and ios14. What’s new for digital marketing cinzia folli – 23 december 2021 conversion api facebook there are various new features regarding the facebook conversion api factor . Elements that nee to be carefully monitore if you want to implement profitable and effective social meia marketing actions. Let’s take a step back. The facebook api consists of a collection of graph api endpoints. They can be use to help you publish ads on both facebook and instagram. The two queen platforms of the meta universe. From automate ad management. To dynamic creativity. To targeting and optimization processes. 

The facebook marketing api provides your business

With important new options. Facebook marketing technologies offer businesses of all sizes the potential to create closer connections new database through intelligent insights and precise measurement. As well as increase reach through automation and generate greater profits through workflow and performance . Extremely effective. You might be intereste in. .Social meia marketing trends 2022. What are the challenges brands face.. The changes resulting from the ios 14 updates ios 14 these aspects are particularly relevant also in light of other elements that have emerge in recent months. In fact. Apple has recently starte (and is continuing to do so) a specific process to raise user awareness regarding privacy . These operating methods are aime at making the user aware of the data they are sharing.

Through one of the latest ios updates

 Apple introduce the obligation for app developers to request consent to collect and share data through a pop-up upon first launch. This has a non-negligible Phone Number IT consequence. When consent is denie . Advertising campaigns will become impossible to track with the pixel . Download our guide now to find out which are the most effective trends for growing your business on social meia! The new features of the facebook pixel following the update. The pixel is no longer able to track cross-device events for those users who have denie consent to collect data. The pixel. In fact. Connects to the user from facebook and instagram and follows him during his journey outside the app. Tracking the activities carrie out within his own website where the pixel is installe. 

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