An example of the company’s responsibility

The most important thing is to talk about responsibility in people’s language, and not only with certificates, slang and difficult terms. And don’t get me wrong: certificates are a great help on the journey of responsibility. Third-party certificates enable an independent assessment of the company’s responsibility. However, the logo of the certificate on the website does not necessarily tell about responsibility to someone who does not know about the certificate in question and does not want to look for additional information elsewhere.

Using visual elements to illustrate

Things can also help get the message across. As in other forms of communication, a picture is worth more than a thousand words at best. A uniform Oman Phone Number List visual appearance is important, for example, in terms of brand recognition. For support, read our blog post about visual design according to the MRACE® model.

As in other content production, also when communicating about company’s responsibility, it is important to think about who is told about responsibility. Which angle of the content arouses the buyer persona’s interest?

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Communication for different buyer personas

A company that sells camping clothes reaches a young buyer persona with its responsibility communication through influencer marketing on TikTok, so the content format is a vertical video.

The content is a single image that directs you to read the blog about the company’s home country. It is the purchase criterion of this Phone Number IT buyer persona, i.e. the reason why the buyer persona chooses that particular solution among all competing solutions.

When responsibility raises its head more and more, it’s also good to stop and think about the part of responsibility in your own buyer personas. How important is responsibility to the buyer persona and how does it affect the buyer persona’s barriers to buying and drivers.

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