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Choose a blogging platform and register

This could be your shortcut to ranking on the SERPs. For example a featured snippet might be a prompt that includes definitions of target keywords or Choose a blogging snippets of articles organized in some way. Featured snippet example The featured snippet of our article on Standard Operating Procedures SOPs for SEO ranks higher because we include a definition of SOPs. To learn more check out our complete guide on how to optimize your featured snippets .We already mentioned this in the previous chapter.

In short you should clearly demonstrate

Aligned with Googles E‑EA‑T guidelines. what qualifies you to provide useful content on a particular topic. That is why readers should trust you. To learn more check out our guide on E‑AT and the latest updates on the concept . technical Phone Number List Lets not forget the boring but necessary techniques of SEO optimization. Here are some best practices worth paying attention to Include target keywords in the title The easiest way is to make your title relevant to the topic but still within characters.

When adding alt text to your images

Writing a compelling meta description may not help you rank higher but it can help you drive Phone Number IT traffic from the SERPs. Using short descriptive URLs with your theme as a URL alias is enough as you can see in this article. You optimize with the user in mind and help them understand where they are on the site plus the URL is visible on the SERP. be concise and precise. Google will use the alt text and surrounding content to understand the image. Link to internal and external resources Reference other pages where relevant and when you want to direct people to useful content.

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