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Children in advertising and marketing aimed at children

It is to put a Children in advertising purchase request in the child’s mouth in an advertisement. In addition to this, marketing must not encourage the child to influence the family’s purchase decision.

How can ethics be consider in marketing?

Ethical marketing aims to promote products and services in a way that benefits both the company and the consumer, while taking into account the wider impact on society and the environment.

Ethical advertising, i.e. in accordance with the law and good manners, is not racist, sexist, discriminatory or otherwise in conflict with generally accepted social values. It also matters where, how and when the ad is shown. So you have to be especially careful Phone Number IT when advertising to children and young people or when advertising uses methods that easily reach young people. These can be, for example, the use of TikTok and Snapchat advertising platforms or advertisements placed between Pipsa Possu YouTube videos.

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It’s 2023 now – it’s good to know the topics that are Mexico Phone Number List not acceptable to ignore. For example, the sexist ads shown in the 1990s would make headlines today in a negative light, and with good reason.

Chamber of Commerce’s Children in advertising

In its statements, it applies the International Chamber of Commerce’s ICC marketing rules  and principles concerning good marketing practice . You can search for different statements by decision, media, article and year on the Central Chamber of Commerce’s website .

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