Changes to the Omnibus Directive on discounts in marketing 

The most visible change for the consumer with the Omnibus Directive is related to marking discounts: In general, when telling about a discount for all products or a larger product group, it is sufficient that the lowest price of the product can be found in the online store.

If discounts and the new directive cause gray hairs, an easy way to comply with the law is to discount the same products less often than every 30 days. If you are wondering about the rules of your own discount campaign, you should visit the website of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority to read more about discount and discount expressions in marketing .

Are your consumer reviews use in advertising genuine?

In the future, in connection with consumer reviews, it must be state whether the person who gave the review of the publication has definitely use the product or service. The company should therefore verify whether the consumer who gave the review has used or bought the product or service and also tell how the matter was verified.

Responsible advertising measurement and data processing

GDPR – there are four letters that are certainly familiar to those working in the marketing field. The data protection law conforming to the GDPR regulation Japan Phone Number List entered into force in Finland at the beginning of 2019. The Data Protection Act ensures that the processing of personal data takes into account everyone’s right to the protection of their personal data. There are many important things in the Data Protection Act, and it is important to stay on top of its latest updates.

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The most visible change in the law is the cookie banners that have appeared on websites asking for approval for the use of cookies. Let’s stop for a moment at the cookies for one piece!

Do you accept cookies or is denial even an option?

You click on your website for the first time and a banner Phone Number IT appears at the bottom of the website that says “By continuing to browse, you accept cookies.” You have arrive at a website whose cookies are not install correctly.

Denying cookies should be as easy as accepting them. If this is okay, it is another matter whether the cookies work as the company communicates about them to its website visitors. It has often happene that when you reject cookies, you notice that Facebook’s pixel is trigger to collect data about the visit.

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