Buyer personas guide marketing and thus reach

So that SEO, or marketing in general, should not be done groping in the dark, you must have a clear picture of what the company’s customers are like. In addition, it is important for you to know which keywords they use to come to the website and which keywords are used to search for the company’s services.

When I say that you need to know

What kind of buyer persona there is, I don’t mean just demographic information, such as “30-50-year-old suburban father of 1-3 children in the PK area”. They only scratch the surface of the necessary information, and based on them, you can’t really draw significant conclusions in terms of the purchase path.

Buyer personas play a significant role in the success of reach, because they determine the direction of your entire marketing.”

There can be several buyer personas or profiles, but they must Guatemala Phone Number List answer questions about the generators of purchase desires, obstacles, purchase path, purchase criteria and what they are specifically looking for from a company.

You shouldn’t build a strategy without a good image of the customers. Clichés, I know, but in sayings that wisdom is inherite. That’s why they are treat.

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These questions will get you start in creating buyer personas :

  • What factors (drivers) created the initial need for the purchase? Why does the customer want to invest time and money in buying a solution?
  • What results does the customer want to achieve with your solution?
  • What risks does he want to eliminate?
  • What things appear to the customer as obstacles to the purchase?
  • Who all participates in decision-making and at what stages? Who can prevent a purchase decision?
  • What or which factors were the final reasons why the buyer persona chose that particular solution among all the competing solutions?

Keyword research (HST) – the customer’s map to your company

If creating buyer personas is like a GPS locator, with which you locate where in the world your customer is, then keyword research will help you find the small roads that your customers take in that corner.

After creating buyer personas, SEO focuses on search Phone Number IT terms for a reason. What searches does the target group use to find solutions to their problems? Instead of going after a completely cold audience, it is smarter to direct valuable capital primarily to an audience that has a problem or to an audience that already knows how to find a solution to their problem.

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