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Build a budget with enough flexibility to react

We have now lived through several different crises, and we can hardly avoid them in the future. In these situations, companies sensitively want to protect themselves and tighten the purse strings by cutting back on marketing . However, it will probably have a greater adverse effect on the company’s future than is even thought of at that moment. If your customers don’t know you now, why would they know you when the crisis situation is over?

The budget should never be defined too precisely, but should rather be thought of as an estimate of the entire year’s investment. However, as a basic idea, marketing should always produce more than it costs. In addition, flexible budgeting makes it possible to reach the best result through bold experiments. With Jousto, you can react more nimbly to seasons and quieter moments in the market.

why would they know you when the crisis situation is over?

The world can surprise you, that’s why, for example, you shouldn’t rely too much on a budget from a year ago when doing something new. What worked a year ago Saudi Arabia Phone Number List may not work this year. Marketing trends are changing at breakneck speed and, among other things, artificial intelligence caused a major breakthrough in the 2022 market.

ChatGPT and other AI tools are also interesting from a data protection point of view. At worst, feeding sensitive and confidential content to artificial intelligence can lead to data leakage. Various phishing and hacking attempts have also increased with the popularity of ChatGPT. However, these are not reasons not to use artificial intelligence as an aid in everyday work.

Phone Number List

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The world situation and change in the field of marketing are not the only things that can surprise. Ordinary expenses that require money can arise from various necessary platforms and tools that break down.

Typical situations:

  • The PHP version or plugin of the WordPress-based  Phone Number IT site is out of date. Outdated versions have a big security risk. For example, in the Elementor PRO 3.11.7 add-on version, a vulnerability requiring immediate action appeared.
  • Something breaks on the site or you want a new feature. For example, you want to add a new function for previewing clothes to your online store.
  • The chosen KPI is not good enough, or it needs refinement, or there is a significant change in the attribution models . In this case, you have to build a new one or update the old one, but this also requires resources
  • Some integration may break, for example in CRM or a marketing automation tool.

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