Better Time Stories a campaign to help Ukrainian children through books

Boomerang ‘s latest campaign. For the “Better Time Stories” project. Helps children who have had to flee their homes due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine . This is a project that offers support to 25% of the Ukrainian population. Connecting them with their families and welcoming them to the countries that have welcomed them. All this thanks to the power of books and storytelling . As a result of this campaign. Five bilingual story books for children have been created. These can be read aloud by family members who are in Ukraine. Through an app, children can listen to them, safely, in their host countries.

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Marc Pieterse , strategic director industry email list of Boomerang, noted that “almost two million children have become refugees since the start of this crisis. “Families have been separated by war, we cannot underestimate the importance of allowing these children to hear the voices of their loved ones in times like these.” The professional adds that these stories can help them understand what is happening while listening to their parents’ voices. A donation campaign began on September 29 , so that as many families as possible receive the books and the respective recordings. Boomerang works on this initiative together with the social innovation organization.

Better Time Stories the power of stories to unite families in Ukraine

Boomerang, part of Publicis. Has created Phone Number IT this campaign for the initiative. With an emotional video filmed in Ukraine. They capture the difficulties faced by families separated by war. A quarter of the child population has fled the countr. Leaving members of their families behind. Which is why “Better Time Stories” seeks to create a space where they can meet again, in addition to welcoming them to their new host countries. The books come in two languages: Ukrainian and the language of the country in which the child seeks refuge. This with the aim of helping them develop new linguistic and listening skills.

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