Ask for permission to use the image sooner

Copyright belongs to the entity that made the material. The material can be, for example, a picture, article, song or other soundtrack. For this reason, for example, someone else’s marketing materials or articles cannot be use without permission. Asking for permission in advance is the best option if you intent to use someone else’s materials. Even if you violate copyright by accident or carelessness, it does not mitigate the obligation to pay compensation or even the penalty.

Advertising on TikTok has brought copyright into focus – how many companies use artists’ songs or well-known influencers’ soundtracks for marketing  Netherlands Mobile Number List purposes on social media without permission? When making social media videos, you are not allowed to forget copyright. If you want to use soundtracks made by others in social media videos, buy the rights to the song you want or search for copyright-free music. In Finland, Teosto sells licenses for the use of music and thus ensures compensation for the creators of the music.

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Advertising of alcohol is subject to restrictions and is controlle

As many know, advertising of strong drinks, i.e. more than 22% by volume, is prohibited under the Alcohol Act. It is only allow in exceptional Phone Number IT cases, such as in drinking establishments and in the price list on websites.

Regional administrative agencies monitor alcohol advertising in their regions, and Valvira does it nationwide. Valvira has also published guidelines on the marketing of alcoholic beverages .

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Marketing should be recognize as marketing Ask for permission 

The marketing content must show its commercial purpose. This is promote, for example, by “Sponsored” expressions in Google and social media advertising.

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