Are you in the forefront when Amazon comes to Finland?

Already more than half of online shopping in the usa is done on Amazon, and its market share in Europe is growing at an ever-increasing pace. Amazon is also opening in Finland in the future; the online shopping giant has confirmed that it will land in the Nordic countries, and the Swedish Amazon opened in 2020.

Although the exact date for the opening of Amazon Finland is not yet known, Amazon already offers opportunities for domestic and Nordic brands seeking international growth.

Amazon’s influence on the Nordic e-commerce will be significant. For example, in both Great Britain and Germany, Amazon has already conquered about a third of the market share. When Amazon arrives in Finland, the product manufacturers who have prepared for the opening of the e-commerce platform in advance will win.

Five reasons why Amazon is superior as an online shopping platform

Although the strong growth has intensified the competition on Amazon, there are still fertile opportunities for companies of all sizes. In fact, more and more different product manufacturers are now benefiting from Amazon – where a few years ago Benin Phone Number List some products were hardly sold through Amazon, products in the same category can now be sold in large quantities.

Why should you visit Amazon, regardless of the size of the company? We listed five reasons why Amazon is superior as an e-commerce platform.

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1. Customers are already on Amazon and used to buying there

Amazon is the world’s largest centralized, electronic marketplace. It has been said that when a customer is looking for information, they go to Google, but when a customer wants to buy, they go straight to Amazon. Customers consider Amazon to be a reliable and easy place to shop, where they are used to shopping. That’s why there is no enthusiasm to look for and try new shopping places.

2. Sales are technically easy to start

Selling on Amazon is easy to get start. There is no need Phone Number IT to set up a separate online store, Amazon offers payment services and the overwhelmingly efficient logistics chain is already automat. Building a similar operating model yourself is difficult and expensive.

3. The product’s potential can be verified even before starting sales

This significantly reduces the risks associated with taking over the new online shopping platform and launching the products.

4. Businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to succeed

On Amazon, small brands have the opportunity to compete with globally known big companies.

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