Approach from a strategic point of view and long-term

Marketing – and above all its digital implementation – should always be approached from a strategic point of view. At Suomen Digimarkkintinn, we plan and implement our customers’ marketing using a two-level marketing model, strategic MVG and tactical MRACE® model .

This avoids reactive panicking and being constantly late, which rarely leads to success, but even more so to waste of money, stress and wrong choices.

A strategic approach to digital marketing

Ensures that you do the things you choose in a long-term and planned way, however, so that you can respond to changes in the market or your own business environment in a controlled and effective manner. Therefore, you don’t have to follow every trend or new application, but you can trust that a good base will carry longer than individual spikes.

In digital marketing, the same rule applies as in the investment world of the financial sector, when there are sudden changes in the market – don’t rush, and don’t panic. Follow the Cameroon Phone Number List plan and turn course a little bit at a time. In this case, the chances of success are slim and mostly depend on luck – and you shouldn’t even dream about repeatability.

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Does your digital marketing strategy and the channel palette you choose answer these questions?

If you are thinking about a digital marketing strategy from the perspective of your own company, it should answer three basic questions.

What kind of market do I operate in? 

This is if something is accentual at a time when, for example, the world situation undermines customer behavior. It is crucial to recognize the changes in the reality Phone Number IT of your customers, because it determines the effectiveness of digital marketing, the most effective tools and the biggest challenges.

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