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There were only 10 pages left, of which the very last page introduced the coach’s business in more depth (9 pages left) and the second to last page was empty for some reason (8 pages left). The content of those 8 pages went roughly like this: For 2 pages, the author wrote about himself and his journey from rags to riches For 2 pages he explained why I had downloaded this e-book and why I had made a good decision (just yeah…) The rest of the pages had 2 strategies/page AT THE HEADING LEVEL and 3 lines of explanation why this strategy is good… The e-book didn’t answer any of the questions that were running through my mind. When I checked my email, the coach had already sent me 3 emails.  next two were pure sales.

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I finished subscribing to it and closed my laptop. Not only did the e-book provide me with no benefit, it left a bitter special data aftertaste in my mouth for a long time. I really started thinking about who I should give my email address to. I want to learn. I want to find professional coaches who know their stuff. Pro tip: It’s never smart to get readers’ or customers’ hopes up and end up leaving them licking their fingers. Unfortunately, many coaches and marketing gurus guide entrepreneurs and coaches to do this: “People are busy. They just want 10 tips on this and that topic. When you package it in the form of an e-book, the reader imagines that he is getting a lot of added value.  and your email list will grow exponentially!” I hope that after this post you will never act as the “gurus” advises.

Just give your sign-up gift a great title

Fact = People are busy but that doesn’t mean they settle for a second Fact = People have time to be on Facebook and watch their favorite show for hours Fact = People have time for the things that Phone Number IT are important and interesting to them Fact = People don’t want a signup gift just because it’s free Fact = People want a sign-up gift that they can actually use and take advantage of Pro tip: Always give people more than they expect – Nelson Boswell 5 different joining gifts In reality, there are at least 29 sign-up gifts. I will include in this post the ones that I have personally tested and found to work. 1.

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