Amazon also supports other sales channels

Customers who Amazon also supports got to know the brand through Amazon often look for the same product in other sales channels as well. In addition, people often go to read product reviews on Amazon, even if they end up shopping somewhere else. Retailers also map new products from Amazon to their own sales channels.

Who can succeed on Amazon and with what kind of products?

Just a few years ago, you could succeed in Amazon with relatively small stakes. Even a lower-quality product was enough if you knew how to create a good-looking and distinctive sales page, which is call a product listing on Amazon.

Today, when the competition is significantly Cayman Islands Phone Number List tougher, conquering Amazon requires significantly more strategic planning. Regardless of the product category, the product must have the ability to generate added value compared to competitors.

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You can be successful on Amazon with, among other things, one of the following product strategies:

  • A completely new product idea: the product solves the customer’s problem or need in a new, more usable way.
  • New product design: the product idea may be old, but the appearance or color of your product is different from what you are used to.
  • Better or more versatile features than competitors: your product is simply better than solutions already on the market.
  • Positioning: in some Amazon product categories, it may be possible to succeed by positioning your own product better than competitors. What unique feature makes your product stand out from the crowd? For example, high-quality, distinctive packaging or stylish product images arouse more trust in customers than a cheap-looking product depicted without packaging.

Read more about how you can strengthen the differentiation of your product with the help of brand look and selling product descriptions:

Download your free guide to conquering Amazon

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