Advertising statistics for 2021

Advertising statistics for 2021. Let’s analyze what happene davide rossi – 17 december 2021 advertising statistics we are certainly going through unusual years. The pandemic and the resulting restrictions have change the habits and nees of consumers. And with them the promotional strategies implemente by marketing agencies have also change . Problems with online privacy have also le to substantial evolutions in the rules for the protection of sensitive data and the technologies that process them. Before starting to plan 2022 advertising strategies. It is worth asking ourselves what happene in 2021. Let’s analyze some important advertising statistics extracte from research done by hubspot. 

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Will the new privacy of ios 15 revolutionize digital marketing. . The 2021 advertising landscape advertising  landscape 2021 by interviewing over 1.000 marketing special data experts from around the world. Hubspot reveale some very important aspects of the marketing industry. 42 % of respondents declare that advertising is one of the main tools for achieving marketing objectives and 84% confirm the use of paid ads in promotional strategies. A global figure to take into particular consideration concerns the decline in investments in print advertising. Only 19% of marketers have use it . This low percentage shows a low consideration of the effectiveness of one of the traditional advertising channels. According to statista. During 2021.

153.2 billion dollars were investe in online adv

 In the usa. But the sensational news is that internet advertising grosse 81 billion dollars more than television advertising . The most use meia to promote services and Phone Number IT products in 2021 . Those in which the largest investments have been made in the world. Are social networks . You might be intereste in. .The trends that describe the social meia marketing of the future. In abd (account base marketing) strategies. Widely use in b2b marketing. Paid ads were one of the three most use tactics. Behind the creation of personalize content and the identification of target contacts or roles. Download the complete report now to discover.

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