Above the fold what is it

Above the Fold Literally Means “Above the Fold”. Interestingly, the Expression Appeared Long Before the Development of the Digital World. When Printing Houses Published Newspapers on Large Sheets of Paper, It Was Difficult to Arrange Them on a Stand, So They Folded Them in Half.
Publishers Quickly Realized That in Order to Attract the Attention of Passers-by and Encourage Them to Buy Newspapers, They Had to Place the Most Important and Interesting Information Above the Fold Line.

Above the fold what is it

Why Exactly is This Particular whatsapp database Section of the Page Highlighted? For the Same Reason That Publishers Once Took Special Care of the Upper Part of the Newspaper – to Interest the Recipients and Encourage Them to Continue Browsing. In the Case of the Press, It Was About Sales, While in the Case of the Website, the Main Goal is to Extend the Session and Generate Conversions.
In the Early Days of the Internet, the Quality of Many Websites Was Questionable, Especially From a Ux Perspective . When Designing, the Focus Was Not on Intuitiveness and Transparency.

Why is Above the fold important

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At the Beginning of the Second Phone Number IT Decade of the 21st Century, the Situation Began to Change. Minimalism and Responsive Design Have Become Trends. Users Scrolled More and More Willingly, Which is Why “Long” Pages, I.e. Pages That Can Be Scrolled, Were Created.
Mobile Devices Have Also Introduced a Revolution in the Way We Use the Internet and Websites. Nowadays, Many People Are Addicted to Scrolling on Their Smartphones. Due to the Fact That Most of the Internet Traffic is Now Generated by Smartphones, the Term Above the Fold Has Less Meaning Than Before. But That Doesn’t Mean It Doesn’t Matter at All. It is Still Important That Attention-grabbing Elements and the Most Important Information Are at the Forefront. If Only So as Not to Scare

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