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20 Fatal Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

20 Fatal Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid. Main Blogger Mistakes to Avoid. In this article I have tried to compile many of the mistakes that some bloggers make both when they start their blog. Therefore, as well as in later phases. And I would also like to realistically cover some aspects of the Blogger world. Therefore, which I think can be very useful for beginner bloggers who have just started. Do not copy and imitate other bloggers. Therefore, try to make yourself known for who you are and for your experience and knowledge that you transmit on the blog.

That making money with a Blog is easy

Surely perhaps this could be one of the main objectives when we start and start a Blog. Therefore, but let me tell you that there are very few who achieve it. With this I do not want to discourage you, at all, just to offer you a much more realistic vision on the issue of monetization with a Blog. It is completely feasible and realistic to start making money with a Blog in just a email contact list year and a half, but to achieve it you will have to have dedicated yourself body and soul to achieve it, that is, if you think that with 2 hours a day you are going to get your Blog to work in 18 months, you are very wrong.

Do not invert the Pareto principle

Do not invert the Pareto principle. The Pareto principle tells us that we have to dedicate 20% of our time to generating content and dedicate 80% to promoting said content, but sadly for some bloggers the opposite happens and they dedicate 80% of their time to generating Phone Number IT content. There are those who believe and fall into this classic mistake. Therefore, thinking that if we publish more articles each month we will be able to increase our organic traffic, when that is not the case.

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